CCM will provide production and performance reports related to our clients' needs.

We have the reporting capabilities and policies to ensure SLA (Service Level Agreements) for Call Center and Quality reporting is according to specifications. Here are some of the reports we offer:

  • Department Deactivation Report
  • Continuous Improvement Tracker Report
  • Incumbent Skilling Report
  • New Hire Report
  • Shrinkage and Staffing Report
  • Off Phone Activity Report
  • Operational Roster Report
  • Error Trends Report
  • Attrition Report
  • Daily Aux Report
  • Occupancy Report
  • Utilization Report
  • Productivity Report
Agent Level Reporting

To maintain a consistent level of service quality, we constantly monitor the performance of our agents through Key Performance Indicators and Metrics. A considerable number of resources is spent toward training our agents to meet the following crucial parameters:

  • Actual service level vs. desired service level
  • Agent idle count and job idle count
  • Agent idle time, update time, and work time
  • Average outbound queue time
  • Calls Answered
  • Agents in/outbound talk time
  • Agent total and average talk time
  • Calls waiting in queue
  • First call resolution rate
  • Right party contacts/connects
Portfolio Level Reporting

A critical element of a decision analytics solution is the ability to access timely and accurate performance and portfolio information. Regular monitoring helps create an understanding of how the business is performing, forecast the impact of strategies, and highlight current and potential trends that require attention to maintain effectiveness. The following Portfolio level Reports below are monitored on, a daily, weekly, and monthly basis:

  • Agent level performance report
  • Team performance report
  • Average queue size
  • Inventory analysis
  • Contact efficiency report
  • Month over month comparison report