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CCM Consulting Group provides staffing assistance to a variety of industries and provides virtual call center operations services. We are a minority owned consulting firm that apply project and program management knowledge and technical skills to help clients solve problems.

Our Mission – To provide a highly qualitative service that will enable our clients to improve performance and lead their people through a transformational change; to improve outcomes of our clients, patients, and the communities they serve.

Our Team – Our people are professional problem solvers. We employ consultants that have both consulting and real-world experience. They bring specialized knowledge to develop solutions for our clients.

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CCM Consulting Group, LLC is a certified BEP firm that provides call center services, customer service training, and consulting services for several industries including the financial services industry. CCM was formed in 2018 and before that the owner of the company, Colby Smith, owned and managed a 250-seat call center for 14 years representing several Fortune 500 companies including Citibank and GE Capital, as well as large municipalities such as the City of Chicago.

Mr. Smith has brought together a highly respected group of call center and customer care specialists who have a total of 77 years of combined experience in the industry. CCM’s current call center staff is a remarkably diverse workforce representing a variety of ethnic groups including Spanish, Indian, and Polish speaking call center representatives.

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Crunching the numbers

CCM also employs veterans which have shown to be highly effective customer care representatives. We believe that excellent customer service is a team effort. Statistics indicate most call centers are notorious for having difficulties in hiring and keeping well-trained and highly motivated personnel. The average yearly turnover rate for contact/call center workers in the United States is 30-45%, more than double the average for all jobs, according to the Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC).

Conversely, CCM has a retention rate of 87% of front-line staff. We attribute this high retention rate to careful selection, integration, training, motivation and empowerment of our service representatives. We have a unique culture at CCM. Our representatives go out of their way to help each other, as a result our ability to assist your customers increases exponentially. We establish productivity goals that empower customer care representatives to work efficiently without sacrificing customer service and satisfaction.

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