General Consulting Services

Our best-in-class service delivery is something we pride and earn through our continuous improvement initiatives. Our operations embody persistent approach to innovation of practices that will drive industry-leading efficiencies.

CCM Consulting Group has resources to recruit and train agents quickly to be fully capable to successfully perform agent duties. Our strong and effective recruitment and staffing resources will fortify the manpower with qualified staffing capable to meet schedules, peak demands, and volume acceleration. Many recruitment partnerships yield sources of employable candidates.

  1. Contact/Customer Service Centers
  2. Workflow & Process Improvement
  3. Diversity Training & Inclusion Design
  4. Staffing & Recruiting
  5. Staffing Augmentation
  6. Project & Program Management
  7. Marketing Strategy & Implementation

Training and Development

We recognize the importance of on-going personal development to improve important skill sets, quality of service and customer treatment initiatives. On-going training consists of regular weekly call calibration and monitoring review sessions with all employees regardless of experience level. We focus on the following to improve skills:

  • Developing a telephone voice
  • Refining listening skills
  • Avoiding communication mistakes
  • Conduct, behavior, and public relations
  • Managing the emotional side
  • Preparing the pre-call plan
  • Making the opening statement
  • Asking the right questions
  • Overcoming objections
  • Complaint escalation process
  • Conflict resolution
  • Client, policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Customer experience training
  • Closing the call